“A House Wrapped in Literature”

Ponatahi House is “wrapped in literature” with the top floor surrounded by glass panels providing a canvas for artistic interpretation.

“Where land can make a heart leap like a gate latch lifted.”

Ponatahi Valley, Wairarapa, New Zealand

Surrounded by New Zealand’s majestic landscape, uninterrupted 360° rural and mountain views, the home and its environment are breathtakingly beautiful. A 15 minute helicopter flight from the capital city Wellington, or a 75 minute drive. Ponatahi House is within comfortable walking distance to the idyllic Ruamahanga River. Fishing, hiking and mountain biking are easily accessible in the magnificent Tararua Ranges.

The location is safe, secure and private.


Ko Pukengaki te Maunga
Ko Ruamahanga te Awa

Ponatahi House rests proudly atop a natural plateau, sitting quietly and comfortably within the region’s heart. Situated on a small gravel road where local families have farmed for six generations.